The study of forecasting the trend line movement of stock Market

Using Cycles, A. I. Algorithm, Machine learning, Deep Learning

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  We are active in the stock market since 1998. Throughout this period, we have been developing analytical study to forecast short-term trend line for Commodity, Stocks and many other applications, our tool depend on a unique combined studies of Cycles, A.I., Machine Learning, Deep Learning (know what's the different)all of them combined together to give a simple line that mimics future trend of the market. We will showing you a live examples of GOLD,S&P,WTI_Oil and as well a historical studies for reference, and if you like what we are doing and need to take this studies to your advantage please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Before - an example of forecasted GOLD <<GC-Daily Candle>>

GC Chart
After - Comparing the forecasted line with actual data, Please Note: We have about 9 forecasting studies for GOLD the one showing here not the best of them and not the worst


We started in 1998 and our module built by a professional trader and software engineer. Mr. Sayed Mohdy.

Our journey with the stock market analysis started by using a combination of technical analyses (RSI, MA, CCI, Stochastic ........) , Elliott Wave theory , Fibonacci Ratio , GANN Analysis, and many others indicators

Even though, those analyses tools are widely used today, but their results are not accurate enough for many brokers and stock analyses to adopt them.

For that reason, we started our research long time ago trying to find an alternative way to forecast with better and more accurate results. It was a very long journey that took a lot of time and effort to come with our innovative trend forecast system.  

We tested our software over many years with many stocks and commodity the result was at the begging not that bright but every step we took forward the results become better and better and forcing us to continue because it's amazing.

Our module results exceed those tools by far distance simply because it gives a 40 Bars (2-month) behavior trend to a stock with high possibility, which makes our software users prepare themselves to buy or sell at the right time.

From 1998 to Today, our module developed its unique way of forecasting to reach a success rate of 70% and sometimes higher. To top the accuracy of prediction, the peaks and troughs exceeded 75%.

This analytical tool makes us able to accurately forecast short term trend for most of stocks and offers significant opportunity for investors.



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